A mandatory act which requires Muslims to share from the bounties of the CREATOR in the form of Charity on a yearly basis.  
There are clear religious guidelines to determine who is subjected to Zakat obligation and who may be considered deserving when distributing Zakat.
In summary Zakat funds can also be used in food and clothing support, education, healthcare and similar Humanitarian Relief matters.


CoA strictly complies to the sharia subscribed measures for the distribution and utilization of Zakat funds among and for the benefits of eligible beneficiaries under the constant supervision of its in-house scholars as well as guidance from the esteemed affiliates.
CoA maintains a separate bank account to receive Zakat donations,  funds received are further allocated for restricted and non-restricted Zakat eligible purposes as desire by the donors.

100% Zakat funds are used solely for the CORE benefit of the deserving beneficiaries.

No administrative cost or management expenses are deducted from the Zakat funds. Once distributed or used for a project the Zakat funds are in complete ownership of the recipients, however projects of maximum benefits as well as long term and sustainable nature are selected for the use of Zakat funds.

CoA does not utilize Zakat funds for its administrative and general day to day expenses.
The organization generates income from space rental,  disposal of clothes and shoes collected through its bins, sales of used automobiles received as donation and from time to time solicitation for independent donation requests for administrative and day to day general expenses.