Streamed live on Mar 17, 2022
"Laylatul-bara'ah" (The night of freedom from Fire) A night occurring between 14th and 15th day of Sha'ban. There are certain traditions of Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, to prove that it is a meritorious night in which the people of the earth are attended by special Divine mercy.Join us for a short reflection and Duaa - with Mufti Farhan.


Streamed live on May 06, 2021
Top 5 things you need to know before Laylatul Qadr - with Mufti Farhan.

Dhul Hijjah

Streamed live on Jul 11, 2021
Understand how to maximize Dhul Hijjah in digestible steps for the next days and maybe the rest of your life - with Mufti Farhan
Streamed live on Jun 12, 2021
Top 5 Hidden Gems behind Qurbani - with Mufti Farhan


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