Alhumdulillah, with all of your kind and generous support, we have been able to work together as an Ummah to bring relief to many of our brothers and sisters in dire need - locally and globally.

We sincerely seek your continuous support and duas to ensure the impact we have started together carries on and grows, insha'Allah!

Sadaqatul Fitr

The minimum Sadaqatul Fitr in 2023 is $8 per person (wheat).
A person can give higher amount to gain more reward.

To donate Fitra for 2+ Persons, please calculate:
Preferred Amount x No. of Persons = Total Amount.

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Children of Adam
159 Railroad Street
Huntington Station
NY 11746

More ways to support us

Children of Adam (Bani Adam) is now on Without any effort, you can support your “Children of Adam” at no cost to you every time you make a purchase at Amazon by registering for Amazon Smile. Click on the image above which will take you to the Amazon Smile site.
  • Log in using your Amazon username and password, then you will be directed to the homepage.
  • On the top, it will say supporting: Children of Adam (the funds will go directly to CoA)
  • For us to get the funds, you will need to shop from a parallel Amazon website Everything about the Amazon shopping experience stays the same, but with the bonus of helping your favorite charity.