Eye Care Camp in Pakistan

Vision problems in Pakistan are getting common in every passing day. As per the report generated in 2017, out of 207.7 million total population of Pakistan, an estimated 21.78 million were affected from blindness and vision impairment.

Cataract is the fastest spreading and most common cause of blindness.
To reach the untreated poor people belonging to the rural parts of Pakistan, eye camps need to be set up on immediate basis to supply them with the necessities of eye care.

It is very crucial to provide people with convenient facilities and proper equipment for their sight. Hence, the eye camps do not only help them get treated against the disease, but also to raise awareness of precautionary measures and educate them on how they can take the best care of their sight. They spread awareness among the people which leads an involvement to clear the backlog of avoidable blindness.

Our Eye Camps provide free eye treatments and surgeries for people in need

Children of Adam is setting up multiple camps in rural areas all over Pakistan specially in Sindh. These camps will be set up where eye care facilities are barely available, and people cannot afford to avail highly paid surgeries and treatments.

The facilities would include simple eye treatments for:
  • Clear visionVision checking
  • Cataract surgery
  • Provision of spectacles and lenses
  • Travel and food for the patients
  • Some grocery assistance
  • Pair of shoes and clothes

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and help Children of Adam’s project assist thousands of people in need of getting eye treatment, equipment and education.