Drinking contaminated water is the major cause of disease and death in Pakistan

Every day, people die from causes related to contaminated water. Contaminated water causes more than 60% of the health problems in Pakistan. Polluted drinking water can transmit diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio. Unsafe drinking water is estimated to cause 485,000 diarrheal deaths each year.

Safe and clean drinking water is a necessity of life, yet unfortunately not available to many. Water filter plants have been set up in each sector by the Government (Capital Development Authority (CDA), however, they are either no longer functional or the water quality is undrinkable. Pakistan is ranked 80th in the world on availability of safe and clean drinking water to its people. Water samples collected from major cities of the country, Karachi, Faisalabad, Kasur, Gujrat and Rawalpindi revealed that the analyzed samples from these cities are unfit to drink.

One of Children of Adam’s core projects “Clean & Safe Pakistan”, its mission in running the maintenance and managing of these water filter plants is significantly impactful and beneficial, considering that the surrounding community has little or no access to clean and safe drinking water. With the efforts of CoA working directly to counter and change this, more than 25,000 people will benefit by drinking filtered water and will no longer suffer from health issues caused by drinking contaminated water.